Terms and Conditions

If you submit an application to use any of the services offered by Aardstorm-Models.com ('this site'), you will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions described here.



By submitting text or pictures for us to use in implementing your commissioned service(s), by whatever means, you are asserting that you own or have obtained sufficient license to the copyright in those materials to authorise us to use and/or publish them in the way that you have instructed us to do. You thereby agree to indemnify us against any breach of copyright that may arise from our use in this way of the materials you supply.

Quotation and Delivery

When you commission me to perform a service, I will endeavour to deliver that service in accordance with your requirements, as specified in my quotation. Where my quotation contains options, I expect you to specify which options you require when placing your order.

Where my fees are based on time taken to implement a service, then the amount you will pay will be based on my estimate, not the actual time taken. The fees set out in our quotation are therefore fixed, and will not vary if I take more or less time than expected to complete your service. This is, however, subject to there being no change in your requirements.

If you change your requirements from those set out in my quotation while I am working on your service, and the change is significant enough to require a change in my fees, then I will provide you with another quotation with revised fees. I will stop working on any aspect of your service affected by your change, until I receive confirmation from you that you accept my revised quotation.

My quotation will contain a schedule that specifies when you can expect delivery of my services to you. While I will make every effort to deliver my services to you on time, I cannot guarantee to do so. My ability to provide timely delivery may depend on external factors beyond my control, such as delivery of information or materials from yourself or a third party, or receipt of your approval or selection between alternatives.

Payment of Fees

By commissioning me to perform a service, you agree to pay the deposit required for that service. I will not start work until I have received your deposit.

You agree to pay in full my fees for my services within 30 days of my invoice. I will not complete your commissioned service(s), and any model you have commissioned will not be delivered, until I receive your payment.

Where I contract with a third party on your behalf to supply part of my service to you, and the fees are payable by you through us (e.g. purchase of kit(s) and/or accessories for your model), then these fees will be payable in advance; I will not procure any goods or commission any service from a third party until I receive the appropriate fees from you.


If you cancel your order for my services at any point between payment of your deposit, and final payment, then you will still have to pay my fees for work I have already done. If I have completed 90% or more of the work, then the full fee will be due; otherwise an additional cancellation fee of 10% will also apply. If the total fee due is less than the deposit you have already paid to me, then you will receive a refund for the balance. Otherwise, I will invoice your for the remaining fees due. There will be no refund of third party fees you have already paid to me, unless I have not yet committed to paying those fees to the third party. In this case, any unused third party fees will be added to your deposit when calculating any refund or further fees due.

Updates and Corrections

You will normally be given the opportunity to approve my work for you prior to final delivery – for example I will normally supply you with photos of your finished model. Any errors or omissions you detect in my work at this point will be corrected free of charge, unless they were already present in materials supplied to me (i.e. in the kit(s) on which the model is based, or in prototype information) and you did not specify their correction in your requirements. After this, any further corrections or rework will attract further fees. I will provide a quotation for these fees on request, and will require payment before the corrections are implemented.


Unpack your delivered model very carefully to avoid damage to it; you may also need to use the packaging to return it to me should you decide to reject it. If you are not completely satisfied with my work, you may return it for a full refund. Where you supply kit(s) and/or accessories for me to use in constructing your model, I will also refund the cost of replacing those items. Title in any model I construct for you remains with me until both I receive full payment for my services and you accept delivery of it.

Where delivery is by post, you must notify me within 7 days of delivery of your intention to claim a refund. I will then contact you with further instructions for the return of the model or other delivered items; you will not receive any refund until I receive the returned items. Return postage will also be refunded. If I do not receive notice of your rejection of the model within 7 days of its delivery, then you will be deemed to have accepted it and will no longer be eligible for any refund.

Where I deliver the model to you in person, then you will only have the opportunity to reject the model as being unsatisfactory while I am present; once I depart, you will be deemed to have accepted the model and will not be eligible for any refund.


When you apply to use, or request a quotation for, any of my services through this site, you must supply contact information in the form of your name, (ie. person to contact, not business name), e-mail address, postal address, and (optionally) telephone number. I will only use this information to contact you about your requested services. I will not voluntarily supply this information to any other party, unless legally required to do so.

Any information or materials that you supply to me for use in providing my service to you will not be used, copied, published, or supplied to a third party in any way other than as required in providing the agreed service, unless I am legally required to do so. I will return supplied materials to you only if you also supply adequate return postage, otherwise I will destroy them when no longer required.


I reserve the right to use the construction of your model and/or any information you commission me to find for you as the basis for an article (or articles) for publication in appropriate magazine(s), book(s) and/or on this site. By contracting for my services, you will be deemed to have agreed to such publication. You will not receive any payment arising from such publication.

Research Service

When you commission me to locate information for you, I will attempt to do so in the quantity and quality that you require. I cannot, however, guarantee to do so; the information you require may not be publicly available. In this event, your deposit will not be refunded, but the balance of my research fees will be waived.