Model Construction Services

Custom Decals and Transfers

As a by-product of certain model making projects, I can now offer an additional service: the production of custom decals and transfers for you to use in the construction of your own models. I am also intending to produce a range of standard and semi-custom decals and transfers too, for which the first products are now available. Please see the relevant sections of this site for further details:

  • Custom Decals. Fully custom decals produced to your requirements.
  • Semi-custom Decals. A range of standardised decals that only need limited adjustment to meet your requirements.
  • Standard Decals. A range of fully standardised decals available "off the shelf" in a variety of scales.

My decals are normally printed onto waterslide paper; I can also print them on self-adhesive or plain paper for special applications or according to your preference. I can also supply electronic files for the finished decal sheets for you to print yourself (or get printed by a third-party service). Further details of the decals I can produce, and their limitations, are given here.

Welcome to Aardstorm Models. This is a small, UK-based company offering a variety of professional model construction services by model maker Trevor Birch. After a lifetime of model making as a hobby, I am now offering my experience to construct high quality models to anyone who wants them.

Note: I am currently moving house, and as a result will not be able to respond to enquiries or fulfill orders for decals or models until the move is completed. The contact and ordering functions of this site are therefore temporarily suspended for the duration of my house move. This message will be removed when normal operation has resumed, which I hope to be around the middle of September.

You are welcome to explore my site to see what I normally have to offer, but please do not try to place any orders or request a quotation. A brief guide to this site and my services is given below, to help you find information relevant to your interests.

Modelling Services

I can construct a wide range of models, in a variety of scales, painted and finished to your exact requirements. Construction of your chosen model will typically start with a commercially available kit. I can work with kits made from plastic, resin, whitemetal, etched brass (or other metals), or a mixture of some or all of these. I can simply construct it to a high standard, as intended by the manufacturer, or I can modify it some way, for example by fitting third-party accessories to add or improve detail, or even by combining parts from different kits to produce a model of something that is not available as a standard kit. I can also construct certain types of models (such as buildings and other structures) from scratch. I will also paint and finish your model in the colour scheme of your choice, either in pristine, 'fresh from the factory', condition, or weathered and dirtied (or even damaged!) to the extent that you specify.

The models I produce are primarily intended for static display (except models of trains, which are typically intended to run on a suitable railway layout). They are often fragile and will not stand rough play without damage: they are not toys. Therefore, to help you display your model in the best possible way, I can optionally provide it mounted onto a suitable base, or even in a protective display case. This could range from a simple painted or stained wooden base, possibly with a surface finish such as simulated tarmac or grass for the model to stand on, through to a complete diorama with appropriate miniature landscape, including structures, plants and figures. I can also provide such bases with a suitable descriptive label.

Where you want something a bit different, or a model of a specific object, but are unable to supply me with the necessary detailed information, I can also help with the research for your model, from searching for suitable books or other publications through to visiting museums or other locations to take photographs, notes and/or measurements; please enquire for details, or specify your requirements when requesting a quotation.

Please see the Modelling Services section of this site for further details, including pages for specific types of models.

Previous Work

This section contains examples of previous models that I have built in the past. For each model, or group of models, a selection of photographs is presented to show the standard of work I can achieve, together with brief details of the subject of the model, the model itself, and how I constructed it. An approximate price is also given, to give you an idea how much I will charge to produce a similar model for you.

Please explore the Previous Work section of this site to see examples of my work.

Models for Sale

From time to time I produce models of my own choice, for example to provide additional examples of my work for this site, for use as the basis for a magazine article, or to experiment with new techniques. The results are then often offered for sale, for immediate delivery, in this section of the site.

Please explore the Models for Sale section of this site to see what is currently available.