GWR V5 Mink A Ventilated Van

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This is an accurate model of a standard Great Western Railway ventilated van design for general traffic. Built in 1906 to diagram V5, these vans had louvred end vents with sliding covers, so that the airflow could be adjusted according to the freight being carried. Vans with these vents remained in service until World War 2.

Model Details

Scale: 4mm:1ft (1:76)

Finish: Unweathered

Source: Built from Coopercraft kit, with cast whitemetal buffers (ABS) and functional 3-link couplings. Finished in 1920s livery and using transfers supplied in the kit. The model is shown with S4 wheels.

Guide Price:

£75 (made up from: assembly £40, painting & finishing £35), plus cost of kit, etc.