Display Options

As well as constructing and finishing your model to a high standard, I can help you display it effectively too. Depending on the type of model, this can range from a simple display base for your model to sit on, to a complete diorama complete with realistic landscape, plants, buildings, figures and accessories, or even a complete, modular, working model railway layout. These options are descibed in more detail below.

Please specify which, if any, of these display options you wish me to include in my quotation when making your request.

Display Base

I can provide a simple wooden base for your finished model to stand on. Your model can simply stand on the base, or I can secure your model to the base, for example using thin wires passed through one or more pairs of holes drilled into the bottom of your model, then passed through holes in the base and secured to its underside.

For aircraft models that are intended to be displayed as if in flight, I can either use the mounting method provided in the kit (if any), or I can mount your model on stiff wires inserted into blind tubes incorporated into the aircraft's fuselage during construction. Small models, such 1:72 scale fighters, can be supported on a single wire, but larger models may require two or three to give adequate support. Although stiff, the wire used does allow a certain amount of adjustment of the aircraft's position and attitude once mounted.

For ship and boat models that are modelled with a complete hull, I can also convert them to 'waterline' models; that is with the hull below the normal waterline cut off. These can then be provided mounted onto a base with a simulated water effect. If selecting this option, please specify whether the vessel is to modelled stationary or in motion, and how calm the water surface is to be. As an alternative to this, I can also provide a transparent 'water surface', that supports the model around its waterline amd is raised above the main display base so that the full hull and below-waterline detail can be retained.

I can provide several different variations to help you display your finished model effectively:

  • The base can be simply painted or stained to a colour and finish of your choice.
  • The base can be painted or stained as above, but with a simple top surface finish appropriate to the model concerned, such as simulated tarmac, grass, or a section of railway track.
  • I can also incorporate your model into a commercial glass or acrylic display case, to help you protect it from dust and damage. The base of the case can be finished in either of the ways described above.

For each of these options, I can also provide a descriptive display label mounted onto the base.


To provide a more realistic setting for your model, or group of models, I can incorporate it/them into a complete miniature landscape. This can include appropriate plants and trees, buildings and other structures, figures, and other accessories arranged together to produce a complete scene around your main model(s). These additional features can come from commercial sources, or I may be able to produce them from scratch. The diorama can also include a printed or painted backscene around one or more sides to help complete the illusion.

The completed diorama can be mounted on a simple wooden base in a similar manner to a stand alone model, or I can incorporate it into a commercial glass or acrylic display case. In both cases, I can supply a suitable descriptive label.

The maximum size of diorama I can produce in a single piece is 1m x 0.75m horizontally with a maximum height of 0.5m (including base thickness). For larger dioramas I can produce them as smaller modules that bolt together to produce the complete scene. In this case, it may be difficult to completely hide the joints between modules, especially if the diorama is to remain capable of being broken down into its component modules.

When requesting a quotation for a diorama, please specify what it is to look like, and what features it is to contain, in as much detail as possible. Including sketches and/or photos of a scene that you want me to try to recreate can be very helpful in specifying what you want.

Model Railway Layout

For model railway subjects, the concept of a diorama can be extended to a complete, working, modular layout, including track wired up and ready for your model trains to run on. The track can be produced from commercial ready-to-lay items, or for more unusual gauges I can build it from individual commercial components such as:

  • plastic sleepers and chairs,
  • plywood sleeperswith rails held in plastic chairs,
  • plywood sleepers with rails soldered to rivets, optionally with cosmetic chairs.

Turnouts and signals can be motorised or provided with mechanical operating systems. I can also provide your layout with suitable controllers and control panel(s). I can can also supply trackwork and signals as separate items for you to incorporate into your own layout.

When requesting a quotation for a model railway layout, you can specify the track plan, required scenic setting, control systems, etc., in detail, or I can design your layout for you, according to your requirements. The latter option will, however, constitute a separate pre-construction project for which I will charge for my services in a similar manner to a research project.

Although this service has been presented as a display option for railway models, you do not need to order any rolling stock items from me in order to use my model railway building service.