Model Construction Services

Since my move to live on a canal boat, I unfortunately no longer have the facilities to undertake model construction projects. I can, however, help with your modelling project by producing customised decals and/or components for you to use in finishing your model. Please see the decals and transfers and components sections of this site for further details.

I can also help by producing custom scale drawings from information you provide, or undertake research projects to help you find that information.

Research Projects

Where you want a model of a specific prototype, and this is not covered by a standard kit or associated commercial accessory packs, or my standard drawings, substantial research is likely to be required into exactly what the prototype looked like, and how to produce it. This research is likely to require searching the Internet, books and magazines for information, and possibly also libraries and picture or other archives. If a suitable prototype still exists, and is publicly accessible (perhaps in a museum), then it could also involve visiting it to take photographs, notes and measurements. You can do this research for yourself, and supply the information to me, or you can commission me to help you, or do it for you.

The end result of a research project is likely to be a set of scale drawings and a collection of photos that were found as part of the research. If you wish, I may also be able to suggest ways in which a model may be constructed (such as modifying or combining commercial kits). I may also of course be able to produce custom components and/or decals for you to use.

If you decide that you want my help with the research for a specific model, I will typically charge £12 per hour, plus any travelling costs, entrance fees etc. Please contact me for a quotation for your project.