Scale Drawings for Models

I can produce a set of scale drawings for you to use in the construction of your own models. See below for further details of the types of drawings I can produce, and associated prices. As well as a range of standard drawings for you to use on your own models, I also offer a service for producing fully custom drawings to your precise requirements.

Standard Drawings

I am currently preparing a range of standard sclae drawings, each available in a selection of scales, from 2mm:1ft (N gauge) to 7mm:1ft. The drawings currently available or in preparation include:

  • Building and Architectural Drawings.
    • Houses
    • Pubs
    • Shops
    • Industrial Buildings
    • Churches and Chapels
    • Public Buildings
    • Railway Station Buildings
    • Railway Signal Boxes
    • Other Railway Buildings
    • Bridges
  • Railway Vehicle Drawings.
    • Wagons
    • Carriages

In the list above, those items with active links are currently available (the link will take you to the relevant details and ordering page), the others are in various stages of preparation. If you are particularly interested in any of the latter, please contact me to encourage me to produce them, or even commission them as a (reduced-price) custom order.

Custom Drawings

If you have a specific requirement that is not currently covered by my range of standard drawings, I will be happy to produce a fully custom drawing for you. This could be a modification f one of my standard drawings, or something completely different. Please contact me with full details of your requirements to request a quotation. I will need full details of the subject to be drawn, including size and/or scale, etc., together with an indication of what pictures or other information you can supply for me to work from. Although full, detailed information is not needed at the quotation stage, I will need enough to gain an appreciation of the complexity of the subject, together with an indication of the quantity and quality of the detailed information you will be able to supply. If you are not able to supply me with sufficient information and/or suitable pictures, you are welcome to commission a preliminary research project for me to find the necessary information for you.

My range of standard and drawings currently concentrates on the railway modelling field; this is because this is where my personal modelling interest and experience (and thus knowledge) lies. I will gladly, however, produce drawings for you for any other modelling subject, provided that you can supply me with the necessary information.

Drawing Formats

The drawings I produce normally take the form of electronic files in "PDF" format for you to download and print out yourself. For each drawing in a particular scale I produce several files: one formatted as a single, large page for on-screen viewing, and versions formatted for printing on A4 or A3 paper. Once you purchase a particular drawing, you will have access to all versions of it. For an additional fee, I can also print a drawing onto paper (A4 or A3) for you and send it to you by post.

A drawing typically consists of several views of the subject (e.g. from different directions). In the versions formatted for printing out, where an individual view is too big to fit on a single page, as many pages as necessary are providied, with overlap regions and cutting/alignment guides so that the printed pages can be joined together.

The drawings I produce are generally derived largely from photographs of the subject, perhaps supported by a few measurements. For example, where photos of a brick building are clear enough to show the individual bricks, it is fairly easy to determine dimensions by counting bricks as they are usually of a standard size. My drawings are therefore not strictly to scale, but should be close enough to look the part when turned into a finished model.

My drawings are also in full colour, with different colours representing different surface finishes or materials of the drawn subject.

Where appropriate, I generally also produce secific component and/or decal sets to support a drawing, and help you make a model from it.

Prices and Delivery

All of my drawings are available for immediate download. Once you complete your purchase you will be sent an appropriate link and access code to allow you to download any or all of its electronic versions. Where you purchase a drawing on paper it will be printed to order; I do not keep a stock of printed drawings. Printed drawings will normally be dispatched within 10 working days of your order (and receipt of your cleared payment). If I am unable to do this (e.g. due to unexpectedly running out of paper or printer ink etc.) I will let you know within a few days of your order.

Drawings for download typically cost £9.50 for access to all versions. Printed versions cost the standard download fee, plus postage (see below) and £1.00 per page on A4, or £1.50 per page on A3, the number of pages required depends on the drawing and the scale it is to be printed at. Fully custom drawings will typically cost from £50, depending on the size and complexity of the subject you want drawn, and the quality of the information you provide.

To send printed drawings to you I offer several levels of service:

  • Economy. £2.00 per order. The drawings will be posted by normal First Class post, and loss or damage in transit is at your risk (i.e. if the drawings arrive damaged or not at all, they will not be replaced or refunded).
  • Standard. £3.50 per order. The drawings will be posted by First Class recorded delivery, and will thus require a signature on arrival. Drawings that arrive damaged, or not at all, will be replaced free of charge (or refunded), provided I can claim on the insurance included with this service.
  • Express. £7.75 per order. The drawings will be posted by Special Delivery, will require a signature on arrival, and are guaranteed to arrive the next (working) day after I dispatch them. I will also endeavour to dispatch them as quickly as possible after your order, usually within 5 working days. Drawings that arrive damaged, or not at all, will be replaced free of charge (or refunded), provided I can claim on the insurance included with this service.
  • Overseas. For delivery outside of the UK. No fee will initially be added to your order. Once I receive your order I will send you a quote for the cost of delivery, since this will depend on the destination country. Where possible the drawings will be posted by an equivalent of First Class recorded delivery, and will thus require a signature on arrival. Whether such a service is available depends on the destination country. Drawings that arrive damaged, or not at all, will be replaced free of charge (or refunded), provided I can claim on any insurance included with the postal service.


Note that my drawings are subject to copyright, and are licensed for your personal use only. You are not permitted to modify the files in any way, nor supply copies of them to anyone else, other than to get them printed by a third party.