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If you run a website and would like to link your site to this one, then you are welcome to do so. I would prefer you to link to the home page, but you may link to any other page, provided you display the page in full, complete with this site's navigation features, and do not try to make the page appear to be your own.

Example html code is provided below to make it easy for you to link to the home page: simply copy and paste it into your page where you want the link to appear. You may then wish to modify the code to conform to your site style. This link opens the home page for this site in a new window so that you do not loose your visitor!

Once you have linked to this site, a simple notification e-mail with your URL to the webmaster at this site would be much appreciated.

Example Code

The following code creates a link to the home page of this site such as this: - Decals, Components and Drawings for Models, together with related Services