LMS Coronation Scot

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LMS Stanier coaches for the Coronation Scot train in the original special blue livery.

Model Details

Scale: 2mm:1ft (1:152)

Finish: Unweathered

Source: Constructed from Graham Farish BR Mk1 coaches in various liveries. These models have a transparent body shell (except for the roof) with the opaque sides printed on, so the conversion was acheived by stripping the existing paint, shortening to scale length as necessary, then the new window layout was painted on. The stripes and lettering were then implemented with Fox Transfers decals. The underframes and roofs were correspondingly shortened, and the characteristic ventilation ducts were added to the roofs using plastic strip. The photos above show the coaches for a complete 9-coach train.

Guide Price:

£200 per coach (made up from: conversion £130, painting & lettering £70), plus cost of the models and components.