GWR O21 Open Wagon

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This is an accurate model of a standard Great Western Railway 4-plank open wagon design for general traffic. Built in the late 1800s, these wagons were rebuilt in the late 1920s with modernised brakes and self-contained buffers, and assigned to diagram O21.

Model Details

Scale: 4mm:1ft (1:76)

Finish: Unweathered

Source: Built from an ABS whitemetal kit with functional 3-link couplings. Cast door springs replaced with brass strip. Finished in 1920s livery, with simple natural wood colour interior and using HMRS transfers. The model is shown with EM wheels.

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This model is available with your choice of OO, or EM wheels, at no additional cost. The brake shoes are positioned for EM, but will not line up with the wheels for OO. Please note that this model has a rigid chassis: it is not sprung or compensated in any way.

You may also specify your choice of couplings to be fitted before delivery. Sprung 3-link couplings are included in the price shown, but other types may incur an additional cost - or you can supply the couplings to be fitted.


£110 (made up from: assembly £60, painting & finishing £35, kit & materials £15) + £3 p&p

This price does not include any additional charges arising from the options you select