LMS D1659 Goods Brake Van

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A minor LMS development of the standard Midland Railway D1240/1658/1668 20-ton goods brake van designs. Widely used across the LMS system, these vans only had hand brakes; they were not vacuum fitted.

Model Details

Scale: 4mm:1ft (1:76)

Finish: Heavy weathering

Source: Built from Parkside Dundas Kit fitted with added weight, EM gauge wheels and 3-link couplings. Painted in early LMS (grey) livery with HMRS Pressfix lettering then weathered to a simple heavy dirty finish. A further refinement to this kit would be to add the safety bars across the veranda doorways. It would also be possible to backdate this kit to the MR designs to D1240, D1658, and D1668. The most visible difference from this kit is the handrail arrangement, otherwise these designs differ only in the brake gear arrangement: D1668 is the same as this kit while D1659 is a vacuum-fitted version of D1240.

Guide Price:

£110 (made up from: assembly £50, painting & lettering £40, weathering £20), plus cost of kit, etc.