Malbourn Station Buildings

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These models are based on standardised buildings used across the Great Western Railway network. The "Pagoda" hut was particularly widely used, and the model is built to published drawings. The main station building, however, is a semi-freelance design based on a cardboard kit of the brick-built original at Chalford, in conjunction with published photographs of similar buildings built from timber.

These models were built for an intended model railway layout based on the real station at Lambourn, which is where the fictitious name Malbourn came from.

Model Details

Scale: 4mm:1ft (1:76)

Finish: Unweathered

Source: Buildings and platform scratchbuilt from plastic sheet, both plain and embossed. Timber framing, window frames and louvres all individually applied from plastic strip. Figures are commercial ready-painted whitemetal. Platform fencing and seats from commercial plastic kits. Other platform accessories, notices, noticeboards and adverts from various commercial sources. The platform has been constructed with extra height to allow for track underlay and "bedding in" to the ground surface.

Guide Price:

Pagoda Hut: £75
Station building: £550
Platform: £25 per 300mm (1ft) length