Decals for BR Steam Era Coaches

O Gauge Mk1 BG

These decals are for the standard British Railways livery elements used on coaches in the steam era – from nationalisation to the mid 60s and beyond. This includes both the crimson and cream and all-maroon liveries, plus the chocolate and cream and green used on the Western and Southern regions.

These decals are intended for use on normal passenger-carrying stock (including full brakes in full passenger livery), but should also be suitable for driving trailers and multiple units; a separate product is in preparation for non-passenger stock.

Each set provides decals for a single coach, customised for a specific running number and other details, and can contain:

  • Running numbers
  • Special function markings
  • Class markings
  • Door markings
  • End markings
  • Solebar markings
  • Crests
  • Overhead live wire warning labels

A pair of crests will be included when any background colour other than crimson is selected. At least one spare of each different decal is also included. The overhead warning labels are also available as standard sheets, as are decals for window stickers.

The running numbers are implemented as complete, multi-digit decals, with the individual digits equally spaced; no more messing around getting the digits aligned and correctly spaced, and no ugly decal boundaries between adjacent digits. The end and solebar markings are also provided grouped into typical correct positions; it is then up to you whether you apply them in groups as provided, or apply them separately.

These decals can be supplied in a variety of scales, from 2mm to 16mm, come on white-backed waterslide decal paper with a background colour that has been carefully matched to the appropriate Railmatch paint for the main body colour: BR Crimson, BR Maroon, WR Brown, SR Green, or Early or Late MU Green. Note that crimson, maroon, and brown are available now; the other colours can also be ordered but will take a few days longer to deliver as I still need to do the colour-matching exercise. The solebar markings have a black background matched to 205 Rail Black, while the end markings can have a black or body coloured background.

Configure Your Decals

To order these decals, please specify the information requested below to configure your set to your precise requirements, then click on "confirm specification". A second page will then appear showing the details you've entered along with the overall price and a button that will allow you to add the set to your order. You will also have the opportunity to return to this page to make changes.

Tip: If you wish to order decals for several similar coaches, enter the details for one of them (with the most common characteristics), and add it to your order. Then when you return to this page the boxes below will still contain the details for that set that you can edit as necessary and add to your order as the next set. Repeat as necessary for as many set as you wish to order. Make sure that you get the specification for each set right before you add it to your order, as you won't be able to edit it afterwards – to change a set already added to your order you'll have to delete it and add it again.

Note: If you navigate away from this page before you have clicked on the "Confirm Specification" button at the bottom of this page, you will lose any information you have entered.

Basic Configuration

The price for these decals is £15 for each set of a specific configuration. Where text is requested for a particular livery element (such as the special function and door labels), this should be given exactly as it is to appear on the coach, including appropriate use of upper and lower case letters.


Side Markings


End Markings

There was considerable variation between coaches in their end markings, but they were generally divided into upper and lower sections, split by steps etc. These decals will be supplied grouped into these sections, so that they can be applied as just two decals. If the coach you are modelling had a significantly different layout, the decals are easily cut into smaller sections and applied separately.


Upper Section

Large "C1" with small "Restriction" lettering is included as standard. The "Restriction" lettering is positioned to the left of the "C1", either vertically centered or aligned with the bottom; decals for both positions are included, or simply cut the "Restriction" off the decal before application if not required. Similarly, leave the "C1" off altogether if not required, e.g. for grouping-era or suburban stock that had wide route availability.

A representation of the cast seating capacity and weight plate, as used on Mk 1 stock, is also included, positioned below the "C1". I will select an appropriate plate from the carriage type you specify below, although this will not be legible in all but the largest scales.

Lower Section

This generally consisted of the carriage type (SK, CK, BFK, etc. – remember to use T or S as appropriate for your period) in larger lettering, positioned above several lines of much smaller lettering giving servicing details, which were often organised into a servicing "table". The smallest lettering is unlikely to be legible in all but the largest scales. Please specify the contents of this area in as much detail as possible (use spaces to align text into coloumns); if you leave sections out I'll make up something likely based on the other information you supply.

For example, the service data table of the BG shown in the photos contains the following:

S.P.6 .59
12. 3. 57


Overhead Live Wire Warnings


Solebar Markings

These decals cater for the standard solebar markings applied to Mk 1 coaches, but may also be suitable for other types. They consist of "Emergency Lighting Point" labels, with two alternative styles of arrows, two styles of brake release stars, and brake test labels (typically "BO" plus date).

Once you have selected the appropriate options above to configure your set of decals, click on "Confirm Specification" below to proceed to the next stage of the ordering process. (This will also temporarily store the information you've entered should wish to navigate away to another page.) You will then be taken to another page showing the information you've entered and giving the overall price for your decal set. You will then be able to either add the set to your order, or return to this page to change your specification.