Decals for Multiple Working Labels

These decals are for the coloured shape labels used on many diesel and electric locos and multiple units. These indicate the type or connections available for connecting to another loco or MU so that the drivier can control both vehicles from one cab. Particularly in the early days, different classes of loco or MU were fitted with incompatible multiple-working connection systems, so these labels were fitted to help the crews identify which locos or MUs could be used together.

Each sheet of decals contains all of the different combinations of shape and colour, the number of decals of each type on a sheet depending on the scale (see below). These decals can be supplied in a variety of scales, from 2mm to 16mm, come on white-backed waterslide decal paper, and are available with a selection of background colours that have been carefully matched to the Railmatch range of paints:

  • Early Warning Panel Yellow
  • Later Warning Panel Yellow
  • BR Standard Loco Green
  • Sherwood Green
  • Early DMU Green

The two yellows and loco green are available now, the other colours are in preparation but can still be ordered, they will just take a few days longer to produce while the colour-matching exercise is done.

Alternative versions of the orange and yellow shapes are included with and without black borders, the borders being needed when used against the yellow backgrounds.

The number of decals of each shape included in a single set is as follows:

16mm 1:22.5 10mm 1:32 7mm 4mm 3mm 2mm
11 13 12 12 13 22 24 26

Four decals of a given shape will typically be needed for a single loco, or both ends of a DMU set.

Price: £7.50 per set.



Decal Illustrations

The following pictures show sample decals at 16mm, 1:22.5, 10mm, 1:32 (top); 7, 4, 3, and 2 mm (middle); and an enlarged view of 3 and 2 mm (bottom) scales, all printed on plain paper with individual early warning yellow backgrounds: