Decals for 2-Digit DMU Headcodes

These decals are for the 2-digit headcode panels used on many early DMU units. These have a more "squared off", rectangular look compared to the more rounded 4-digit headcodes used on diesel and electric locos, and some multiple units.

These decals were developed to fit the Tower Models brass DMU models in 7mm scale, as shown below. The decals for other scales have been rescaled from these. Each sheet contains three complete sets of numerals 0–9, letters A–C and two blank panels; sufficient for both ends of a single DMU together with a spare set. These decals can be supplied in a variety of scales, from 2mm to 16mm, and on white-backed or transparent (transparent digits on black background) waterslide decal paper, self adhesive paper, or plain paper.

Cutting guides are provided for an aperture size of 8.5 x 18 scale inches (5 x 10.5 mm in 7mm scale), and the black area extends beyond this by at least 1mm (all scales) to allow for some variation, or to allow the plain paper versions to be cut larger than the aperture so that they can slide behind the frame if your model allows this.

Once the decals have been applied, it is recommended that an overall coat of varnish is applied to seal and protect the decals. A gloss varnish applied to the whole of the aperture, but not the surrounding frame, will give a "glassy" appearance.

Price: £7.50 per set.



Decal Illustrations

The following pictures show sample decal sheets at 7, 4, 3, and 2 mm scales, all printed on plain paper: